to Chinatown Pain Relief Massage. We are located in the Boston Chinatown, Massachusetts. Come experience the highest quality massage and bodywork from our licensed professionals. Each session is specifically catered to You. Your comfort is our priority. Melt onto heated tables in the cold winter months and cool off in air conditioned rooms in hot summer days. Call or stop by today and let the caring therapists at Chinatown Pain Relief Massage alleviate your stress and enrich your health and well being.

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Let our team bring wellness to you! Our massage therapists provide muscle pain relief and relaxation with professional techniques.


Our male therapists specialize in leg and waist relaxation and female therapists are better at alleviating shoulder stress.

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  • Jordan Decker

    While the place is very unassuming, it’s the best massage I’ve ever had, hands down! There are no frills here and it was actually really great. They don’t ask you what hurts or what needs work, you get on the table and they figure it out. I’ve had a spot on my shoulder that was bothering me for weeks and the masseuse found it and went to town. Owner was very gracious and accommodating. Best prices in town.

  • Valerie Martinez

    Where do I start? We came in from out of state and found this little gem of Wowness! First Mr. Son was very accommodating to our last minute appointment for a couples deep tissue 60 minute massage. This has got to be the best massage I have ever had!!! My husband and I were in separate rooms only after we were asked it it was ok, my husband is a large muscular man so he always has issues with the massage therapist not being strong enough well not today... He as well stated the best ever...very clean and quiet..if I lived in Boston I would be addicted... The cost was very reasonable we loved it...It's a must...

  • Aaron Stanley

    There price is great. Omg the really know how to give a massage. I think it was like 60$. It's better to actually go through the actual store then groupon. The offer the same prices they are very cool and a lax'd environment.

  • Bryana Freiter

    I was lucky to find this! I have been getting massages since 16; these are the best massages I've ever had in my life! I typically get a couples massage. They always have availability and i can schedule in advance or same day sometimes! The massage therapists are very well trained and methodical, sure to tend to every muscle and even those you didn't know were there! They do take time to relieve muscle groups that interact but also completely tend to your body. I recommend their cash discount! The location is sanitary and peaceful too! I feel blessed to have their services in my life..

  • kaitlin andryauskas

    Lynn is amazing! I highly recommend her or any of the staff. My back feels so much better!.

  • Emily P

    Excellent massage. They really dug into my tight muscles and worked out all of the knots. They communicated to make sure they weren't going too hard in some places. I will definitely be coming back here!

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